Concentrated in the dynamic middle years, our readers are more receptive to new ideas and technologies. But youngsters do not miss the weekly out either for it caters to their needs also. Our subscribers are both men and women educated to lead.

The multi-national readership includes foreigners and diplomats living in Pakistan . Our readers are businessmen and professionals working in occupations across the whole spectrum of commerce, finance, government and the professions. This group is the key target audience for many corporate and business-to-business campaigns.


Our readers look for excellence in all aspects of their lives. They are early adopters they are consumers who are first to try new and innovative products. Their value is as initial, leading-edge consumers who help new products gain wider marketplace acceptance.

For our readers, purchasing decisions are often influenced much more by quality rather than price. Their affluence and discerning taste make them a sought-after audience for luxury goods.

During their leisure time, Weekly Independent's readers lead full and energetic lives. They frequently spend their time out entertaining, at the sports club, at concerts, the theatre or cinema. This makes them highly visible market for premium-branded goods. Active business and social lives mean that readers frequently entertain in the home.

The product is highly valued by its readers with most being loyal subscribers since its start. On average, the magazine is looked through on four separate occasions throughout the week, leading to repeated opportunities for advertisements to be seen. For the overwhelming majority, it is an essential weekly read, providing a valuable national and international perspective. They find that the in-depth perspectives and the trend-spotting are unmatched by other publications.
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