The Management of Haseeb Waqas Group with its strong traditional values; hard work, dedication and a caring attitude is always focused to employ modern industrial techniques and is today the epitome of contemporaries. So when it comes to management itself, Omnipresence has a new name.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mian Ilyas Mehraj, the Haseeb Waqas group is manifesting in ways and means that touch your life, in more ways than you could imagine. Society too experiences the humane touch of Haseeb Waqas; in terms of healthcare, rural development and environment-effort.

Going beyond the call of duty because 'More than state-of-the-art, it's state-of-the-heart' that matters. Dynamism put to a growth-oriented approach, underlined with the will to achieve best describe the group that is the air supply of various industries in Pakistan.
The Management strongly believes that as a company we will strive to:

  • Stick to our use competence of manufacturing sugar, engineering, chemical and other allied products.
  • Incorporate the principles of corporate governance to maximize the delivery of shareholder value.
  • Ensure that the development of the community in which we are based in context with our business growth.
  • Recruit & retain skilled and superior expertise, measure and reward superior performance
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