Haseeb Waqas Chemical Complex is a proposed Complex which will be operated by its parent company, Haseeb Waqas Group Of Companies and will be a National Hi-Tech Enterprise honored by the State Science & Technology Committee. Haseeb Waqas Chemical Complex will, through its ceaselessly tech-innovation, capacity expansion, product diversification and international marketing, as well as after taking over the abundant know-how and powerful manufacture capability in the field of peroxides, become the major peroxides source in Asia-Pacific and one of the leading peroxides suppliers in the world market.

Haseeb Waqas Chemical Complex will be dedicated to supplying the world market with the best, newest, and the most environmentally benign chemicals. Everyday, our staff will keep an eye on the industry development and will pay full attention to understanding and listening to customers’ needs. We will strive to be our customers’ first choice. Our strategy will be to specialize in peroxides to maintain a sustainable growth. Our vision to build the leadership in this industry is based on our overall expertise on peroxides. By providing the world market with our environmentally friendly and human benefiting quality products, Haseeb Waqas Chemical realize its social responsibility as a corporate citizenship of embracing the nature and cherish our society.

As always, Haseeb Waqas Chemical Complex will focus on maintaining a powerful and productive R&D team to develop new technologies, to solve the ever-changing customer needs and to make itself fully qualified for the harsh competitions. This R&D team will involve the participation of major universities and national laboratories. The Company will be having its own patents. The company will develop a complete system of key technologies and know-how with proprietary intellectual property.

Haseeb Waqas Chemical Complex will be committed in providing customers with quality products and service to meet or exceed their needs and expectations and help them realize their target values. It will be an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company. The integrity of our products, our service, and our commitment to our customers are central to everything we will do.

Our unchanging will and commitment to continued growth will encourage us to run this business with an innovative mind as well as with all of our efforts. In retrospect of our history, we will feel proud for what we’ve achieved. Those glories drive us to work hard to exceed ourselves and meet the upcoming challenges. The company will always strive for the best in this industry and endeavors to be the most reliable peroxides supplier in the global market.
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